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Here you can find our Wicked Wicking Beds and some extras to get you growing.
Wicking Bed Kits
Each of our Wicked Wicking Beds comes supplied as a kit complete with all required plumbing, geotextile fabric and pallet, Setting them up is as easy as stacking the components and tightening the outlet.
Net Frame & Trellis Kits
Pest prevention is sometimes the most frustrating part of the season. Our Netting Frame Kits integrate onto our Wicked Wicked Beds without the need for any special fixings.
Net Frame Cover
Pest prevention is sometimes the most frustrating part of each season. Our Netting Frame Covers integrate onto IBC wicking beds with out the need for any extra fixings. They come supplied with everything you'll need.

We've got you covered!
Side Mount Trellis
Super easy to install onto our Wicked Wicking Beds. Our trellis system integrates on to the side of the bed without the need for any fixings or fasteners.
A-Frame Trellis
All adjustable and secured together with strong wire clips. This two sided trellis is hinged at the top to allow it to be opened to the width that suits you plants.
Wicking Bits & Accessories
We have some wicking bed parts available if your wanting to build your own wicking beds or simply need an extra net or pack of plant clips.
Adjustable Overflow Outlet
Our Adjustable Over Flow Outlet is a simple and effective solution to add some flexibility with water depth in your reservoir while allowing plenty of air down below.
And no glue required!

Requires a 16 - 20mm hole.
We also recommend you cover the internal side with a shroud to prevent blockages. Slotted drain pipe is very effective or even an up turned plant pot. A small extension pipe is included for ease of installation here.
Geotextile Fabric
We have some geotextile fabric pre-cut to suit IBC wicking beds. It simply acts as as a permeable barrier separating your soil from the reservoir.
Our bird safe netting has a 5mm aperture and knot-less design for ease of use. Its UV stabilised giving it plenty of life especially in our harsh conditions.
Plant Clips
20x Clips

Quick and easy solution to securing those plants in place onto your trellis. They can even be helpful to secure our netting to smaller stakes and frames.

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