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Gardening made easy
Here at Wicked Wicking Beds we've taken the hassle out of watering your garden.
Let your gardening journey begin!
Water saving and efficiency
Watering is easy! Just fill the reservoir via the inlet pipe watering from the bottom up. This reduces unnecessary evaporation from regular surface watering and provides a consistent level of moisture in the soil keeping your plants happy all year round.
Wicked Wicking Beds are a perfect water saving option for any garden with the added benefits of being compact, making them ideal for space deprived gardeners and at a raised height so they're easy on your back.
The hard work is done!
We do all the hard work for you by sourcing and repurposing IBC tanks into our Wicked Wicking Beds.
Each of our Wicked Wicking Beds is supplied as a kit and includes a half IBC tank cleaned, cut to size and modified with all required parts & plumbing. We have also put together an adjustable overflow outlet which allows flexibility when draining or setting the water depth.
A bit about us
Our goal at Wicked Wicking Beds is to provide an affordable and accessible solution to increase water efficiency in the garden using the wicking method and we do this by repurposing IBC tanks into our Wicked Wicking Beds.
We are based in Echuca, Victoria and deliver our Wicked Wicking Beds statewide.
Get in touch
Send through any questions you may have or you can message us direct on Facebook
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